IP Monitoring and Multiviewer Builder

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Build Your Monitoring Solution

1. Enter the number of HD and SD channels

2. Select the number of mosaic displays

3. Click "Calculate" and your configuration will appear

4. You can edit the number of active tiles (videos) in each mosaic

5. You can edit the mosaic layout template

6. The suggested certified hardware will be displayed below

7. Click "Submit" to request a proposal

Multiviewing and monitoring in the IP and software era opens new horizons and possibilities in the video display world.

Being an IP software only solution, the MCM-9000 and the “Monitoring & Multiviewing Builder” tool gives the user full
flexibility in selecting the type and number of inputs, outputs, tiles, Mosaic layout type and even recommending the needed off the shelf hardware. All this with just few clicks!

The MCM-9000 offers endless possibilities and display scenarios that are carefully designed and verified by the TAG Labs team. The TAG “Monitoring & Multiviewing Builder” is designed to be your first step of configuration, in order to have an idea of the monitoring and display scenario you wish to have.

Once your mosaic configuration is ready, you have the option to send it to TAG Labs and consult with our team to find the best solution for your specific needs.