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TAG’s unique “all IP” software-based solution is optimized for production and post production applications and environments. It decodes, analyzes and displays uncompressed SMPTE ST-2022-6/7 and ST-2110 SDI over IP signals and features UHD mosaic output for Multiviewer displays.
it’s extremely low 2-frame latency, combined with IP Networking/Content analysis, fault detection, Tally/UMD support, alarms, and comprehensive control API, provides the perfect solution for Production, Post Production, and Transmission Control Multiviewing requirements.

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TAG’s “all IP” software-based solution was designed and optimized with the ability to continuously monitor, display and alarm large numbers of channels in real-time for technical validity and overall compliance with the expected parameters and quality.  it can combine all the MPEG transport streams at the Network representing the different channels/sources, analyze and alarm them to detect malfunctions, and create a mosaic display of the channels as an MPEG-TS that can be displayed internally throughout the facility or externally, as well as on mobile devices.

Tag’s software solution incorporates support for multiple encoding formats such as SD, HD, UHD, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, HEVC, J2K, etc. to provide a comprehensive monitoring solution for compressed content, all in one device!

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TAG’s “all IP” software solution with its comprehensive support of the DVB and ATSC families of standards, provides a complete monitoring and Multiviewing solution for the Transport and Delivery methods of content contribution, as well as Cable, Satellite, and DTT Over the Air Pay TV platforms.

It combines a full feature set of MPEG-TS analysis – including the DVB tables, ETR-101-290 specifications, Metadata like Subtitles & Closed Captions, Content Decryption, as well as Video/Audio Baseband Monitoring with probing/alarming and multiviewing for large screen displays and mobile devices.

TAG’s multi-format/resolution up to UHD provided a one-stop uncompromised solution for Broadcasters and Pay TV Operators, catering for all their IP content delivery monitoring.

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TAG’s “all IP” software solution with its support of HLS and MPEG-DASH provides a complete monitoring and Multiviewing solution for OTT platforms. It combines the traditional MPEG-TS support with the unique monitoring requirements of OTT (including the ability to decrypt and decode the content in the secure zone), and the full feature set of it’s features to provide a comprehensive OTT monitoring and Multiviewing solution.

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