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The E-sports Challenge

The E-sports Challenge

low latency

Latency and video quality is crucial

broadcast work station

Remote production workers with limited resources

multiviewer layers

Complexity of multi-layer Esports production

layout monitor

Changing tile & mosaic layout needs

Esports pushes the limit of live production technology, creating highly immersive events that engage audiences in ways that go beyond tradition sports.

With player feeds and cameras, observer cameras, announcers, and analysts, all feeding into a multiple cascaded production systems, large esports tournament production rivals the complexities of major traditional sporting event production while adding a new set of challenges. While some esports production is done using more traditional systems, others are leaning heavily on the cloud and remote distributed or at-home production teams.

The scale of these systems ranges from small matches to major tournaments, requiring extreme agility and adaptability in system design as well as very low latency, streaming formats and the ability to support at-home team members. Esports systems designers need to create solutions that spans these requirements and delivers consistent results for all events and implementations.

The TAG Solution for Esports Production

The TAG Solution for Esports Production

uncompressed ip video

All Uncompressed Formats

ST-2110-10/20/21/30/31/40, ST-2022-6 SDI over IP

low latency

Ultra Low Latency

Low latency SMPTE 2110/2022-6 in 100% software

layout monitor

Flexible Layout/Tile Editor

Create custom tiles in one of multiple mosaic layouts (via API)

uhd monitor

HD & UHD Output

Encoded and delivered as uncompressed ST 2110-21/30

puzzle piece video

Mix & Match

Uncompressed and compressed sources on the same server and mosaic output

tally layput

Full Tally & UMD Integration

Tally & dual UMD via TSL protocol or TAG's elaborated API- Your call

compressed live production


Support for JPEG-XS Inputs for cloud enabling and large scale monitoring

multiviewer redundancy


ST 2022-7 redundant Inputs/outputs from two separate network Cards

hard disk drive monitor

No installation required

Linux Kernel OS, application software, and licenses reside on a single dongle running on COTS hardware

density ott monitoring

High Input/Output Density

High number of inputs within a single COTS server for maximum resource usage

operational agility

Dynamic License Sharing

Infinite operational agility by sharing licenses between devices, locations and applications

asset utilization

Maximum Asset Utilization

Software solution utilizing the most current COTS hardware and cloud platforms

broadcast work station

Highly tailored workstations

Build tailored operator workstations with integrated monitoring and user controls

ip video cost

Mix Capex and Opex

Maximize flexibility and match costs to event complexity and consumption

monitoring ip video

Independent Monitoring

Add adaptable monitoring for each user customized to their needs

scale ott monitoring

Scale Up and Down

Scale your system to match the different needs of each event

Monitoring Points Worldwide
Events and Thresholds Monitored
Hours of Streams Monitored in the Cloud
IP, Software, COTS/Cloud

The TAG Functionality in E-sports

The TAG Functionality in E-sports

The TAG platform is ideal for E-sports live production monitoring and multiviewer applications as well as engineering signal management and analysis.

Low Latency in 100% Software
Can it be Done?

Learn how fully software-based solution running on COTS hardware can help you take best advantage of SMTPE ST 2110 and your IP infrastructure. In this report you’ll find topics like: the characteristics of SMPTE ST 2110 that challenge COTS hardware,  the three key challenges to implementing ST 2110 in software, the ways software solutions are overcoming these challenges


One of the most popular questions we get. Of course, the answer will depend on your application. But good news- we have created a special tool to help you get an estimate. Check it out: http://systemconfigurator.tagvs.com/

Absolutely! Did you know all our existing clients tried the system before choosing TAG? (Okay, all but one). Apply for your free 90 day trial: https://www.tagvs.com/tag-trial/

Yes! The TAG platform can run on cloud instances. Learn more here: https://www.tagvs.com/tag-on-the-cloud/

The two main challenges of cloud live production implementations for work-from-home applications are getting the uncompressed sources to the cloud and delivering the Mosaic Output to the home.

The TAG platform JPEG-XS which can be used to deliver high-quality production content to the cloud where bandwidth limitations apply and can also provide the mosaic output as Zixi and/or HLS streams to be delivered to the home over the public Internet.

The TAG platform has an elaborated JSON API which can be used by custom user panels configured to control the system functionalities.