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The Playout Challenge

The Playout Challenge

multiviewer layers

Scale of system

Very large number of signals and nodes in many monitoring points

application formats

Breadth of signal formats

Formats, protocols and encryption methods

busy monitoring

Operator overload

Large channel count and monitoring points cause overload

puzzle piece video


Scale requires deep integrations with management systems

One of the biggest challenges faced by multi-channel TV broadcasters, including Satellite, Cable, Telco operators and Teleports, is to monitor a large number of TV channels in the workflow chain at both inputs and outputs.

The ability to continuously monitor, display and alarm large numbers of channels in real-time for technical validity and overall compliance with the expected parameters and quality is a growing demand in the industry.
The commonly accepted and deployed infrastructures today employ IP transport to route the channels within the facility making it easy for IP devices to access and monitor all inputs and outputs of the facility, including the internal processing phases.

The TAG Solution for Playout

The TAG Solution for Playout

puzzle piece video

Mix & Match

Uncompressed and compressed sources on the same server and mosaic output

layout monitor

Flexible Layout/Tile Editor

Create your own tile to be used in one of multiple Mosaic layouts (available via API) to match the dynamic requirements

asset utilization

Maximum Asset Utilization

Software solution utilizing the most current COTS hardware and cloud platforms

operational agility

Dynamic License Sharing

Infinite operational agility by sharing licenses between devices, locations and applications

hard disk drive monitor

No installation required

Linux Kernel OS, application software, and licenses reside on a single dongle running on COTS hardware

best ott monitoring

Full Cloud Compatibility

Can run on AWS & Azure Cloud instances

uncompressed ip video

All Uncompressed Formats

ST-2110-10/20/21/30/31/40, ST-2022-6 SDI over IP

compressed ip video


Support for JPEG-2000 Inputs for cloud enabling and large scale monitoring

compressed live production


Support for JPEG-XS Inputs for cloud enabling and large scale monitoring

data flow symbol


Full support and zixi integration for secure transport over public internet

multiviewer redundancy


ST 2022-7 redundant Inputs/outputs from two separate network Cards

monitoring ip video

Recording & Analysis

Source recording for error events, triggered by any of the event detection rules

Monitoring Points Worldwide
Events and Thresholds Monitored
Hours of Streams Monitored in the Cloud
IP, Software, COTS/Cloud

The TAG Functionality in Playout

The TAG Functionality in Playout

The TAG platform was designed and optimized to do just that while automating the process as much as possible. The platform can combined all the MPEG transport streams at the Network representing the different channels/sources, analyze and alarm them to detect malfunctions, and create a mosaic display of the channels as an MPEG-TS that can be displayed internally throughout the facility or externally, as well as on mobile devices.

The platform incorporates support for multiple encoding formats such as SD, HD, UHD, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, HEVC, J2K, JPEG-XS, etc. to provide a comprehensive monitoring solution for compressed content, as well as ST 2022-6/2110 uncompressed sources, all in one device. The large scope of TAG’s capabilities has made it the default solution for playout monitoring in the cloud.

Optimizing Playout
in IP-Based Workflows

We’ve worked with quite a few customers who — maybe like you? — are ready to shift to software running on generic IT-based solutions. But we found that many of them just weren’t sure how best to implement and optimize these solutions to support live playout operations. If you’re in the same situation, you might like our newest report: “Optimizing Playout in IP-Based Workflows”