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TAG’s Realtime Media Platform Receives AWS Foundational Technical Review Badge

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The FTR is a rigorous assessment conducted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that evaluates solutions against AWS security, reliability, and operational best practices, outlined within the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The FTR badge provides customers with confidence that TAG’s platform adheres to AWS best practices and is well-positioned to support even the most demanding cloud media use cases.

OTT Workflow Monitoring: Best Practices

ott best practices

Effective monitoring is crucial for maintaining high-quality OTT content delivery. From acquisition to final delivery, every step of the workflow requires careful inspection. Read the paper to learn about the best practices for maintaining viewer satisfaction.

Maximizing Resources: Keys to POST Luxembourg’s Success in Evolving Media Landscape

POST Luxembourg stands out as a case study in maximizing resources to manage growth and provide exceptional quality with a limited technical talent pool. POST Luxembourg is the number one television operator in the Grand Duchy, serving 43% of the total TV market. In addition to its residential TV audience, POST Luxembourg offers streaming services to select hotels, retirement homes and even the country’s correctional facilities. POST Luxembourg is also the nation’s primary IPTV provider.

Managing HDR in Live Broadcasting: Enhancing Viewer Experience & Operational Efficiency

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HDR technology delivers an unparalleled viewing experience, but its adoption presents technical and operational challenges for broadcasters. To ensure a smooth transition, flexible software-based solutions are essential. These solutions simplify HDR workflow management and monitoring, ensuring consistent content quality across multiple formats and ultimately enhancing the viewer experience. Read the blog for a deeper dive into this technology.

Maintaining Quality at Scale in Shifting Landscapes: How Zero Friction® Helps Outpace Industry Change

tvt article zero friction

As the media industry evolves, the challenge lies in consistently delivering high-quality content. Solutions today need flexibility built in to purchase and operation models, enabling workflows to elevate and adapt content delivery systems efficiently. Read the blog to explore how TAG’s Zero Friction® approach helps in adapting to industry shifts while ensuring outputs remain reliable and your viewers get an unbeatable quality of experience.

Power Cloud & Hybrid Workflows with TAG’s Cloud-Native Monitoring


This demo showcases the seamless operation of on-premise systems, multiple cloud regions, and a cloud-based central control point. TAG’s robust support for cloud deployments, empowers you to manage resources dynamically, spin instances up/down as needed, and seize new opportunities with cloud agility.