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Arista Switches

Arista 7280 Series Switches were the first to be fully certified by TAG, and are commonly used in high bandwidth uncompressed network applications for broadcast and Media ecosystems.

The Arista 7280R Series are purpose-built 10/25/40/100GbE systems, designed for the highest performance environments, and to meet the needs of largest scale data centers in general, and the unique high-speed multi-media content delivery applications of uncompressed IP broadcast infrastructures, requiring a lossless forwarding solution in a compact and energy efficient form factor.

TAG Labs has certified and recommends the 7280R Series Switches.

Other Arista Switches may also be used, but need to be approved by TAG in advance.

Download this document for more details about the Arista 7280R Series.

*Please make sure to consult with TAG team prior to any hardware purchase

arista certified servers