Implementation Stories

recording and analysis

5G Virtuosa

TAG’s Monitoring and Multiviewer Platform Used in Ground-Breaking 5G-VIRTUOSA Project. “The goal was to evaluate whether and how the new technical standards such as SMPTE 2110, NMOS and orchestration would be suitable for conventional as well as future production requirements," says LOGICS Manager of Strategic and Business Development, Haci Cengiz. "We had different sets of requirements for different aspects of the project such as dealing with compression in OTT formats, on-premises situations, or in the cloud for an interconnected system, and TAG’s multiviewer provided the functionality that we needed for the 5G-VIRTUOSA project.”

MediaHub Australia

Magna Systems Installs TAG Monitoring Solution for MediaHub Australia. “We needed continuous video service monitoring of uncompressed and compressed audio and video feeds, including captions, triggers, audio at low latency and high quality with API based alarming,” says MediaHub Australia Executive Head of Technology, Simon Scott. “We also had specific goals including that the system had to run in a COTS and IP environment. I’m happy to report that the TAG solution does all of the above.”


NBC Olympics, a division of the NBC Sports Group, has selected TAG Video Systems to provide OTT monitoring and multiviewing for its production of the Games of the XXXII Olympiad, which take place in Tokyo, Japan, “When it comes to monitoring TS over IP, TAG is the choice to give us the complete package,” said Connolly. “With the ability to monitor all of our feeds in the IP domain both visually and through metrics, TAG gives us the confidence to know we have the entire workflow covered.”


“The key benefit I see in TAG is its agility and versatility. The solution is relatively easy to deploy by Tier 2 Engineering staff, and the pricing model gives us optimization over more traditional SDI videowalls, which require the use of expensive and space consuming IRDs and coax cable.”


“The main task of the broadcasting operators is the 24-hour live monitoring of the channels on air, with a watchful eye on the entire main distribution and backup chains, from the signals that enter the video server to delivery to the main broadcasters. The first technical challenge was, therefore, how to achieve the remote vision of everything — the individual signals and the multiviewers that aggregate multiple signals. We managed to do this by inserting them into a TAG Video Systems multiviewer. This is a multiview that allows us to monitor compressed, uncompressed and HLS streams on an IP basis, and allows us to insert them on standard web pages."


“Until now, we had to convert IP streams to SDI for monitoring on a Multiviewer, and that was a problem, explained Nishizawa, Chief Manager. “The TAG system allows us to bypass the IP to SDI conversion process and monitor the original MPEG-TS and OTT signals for video/audio compliance, as well as all other stream parameters, making the monitoring much more comprehensive and accurate while saving us time and increasing the efficiency of the staff.”