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Media Control System- MCS





MCS enables virtually infinite scale across any deployment scenario and puts big data into your hands, enabling tight integration of your media monitoring with Open Source software, DevOps tools and AI / ML to achieve deep insight and knowledge about the performance of your media business.

Enable Your Business with Data-Based Insight


Visualize data collected with TAG throughout your workflow with advanced tools like Kibana, Grafana and Kafka

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Make better informed decisions about your operation in realtime or over time


Quickly discover and remediate issues – minimizing potential downtime

The TAG Solution for Large Scale Operations

Infinite Scale

Manage large scale operation from a centralized location with an efficient topology

Centralized API and UI

Use TAG Json API 5 to control every aspect of the system from basic functions to UI and integrations

New Penalty Box Capabilities

Fully flexible configuration of penalty boxes and inclusion of the penalty boxes in any layout

Complete System Management

All individual MCM instances are fully configured, controlled and monitored for operational health under MCS

End to End Path Awareness

The MCS can correlate full end-to-end monitoring of any program chain or distribution

Use with Adaptive Monitoring

System resource utilization can be reduced by 80% without reduction in coverage or depth

Big Data Aggregation

Collect realtime data across all MCMs and immediately use with even the most standard IT visualization tools

Resilient Operation

The MCS provides full redundancy to guarantee availability and enable a resilient operation

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broadcast production award

With MCS providing a centrally-controlled and managed architecture, all aspects of system operation are in one place for easy user interaction and third-party integration, and robust system resiliency is enabled. The full power of TAGs probing and monitoring are unleashed by the rich feature set of the MCS which brings the system to a new level of capability in functionality and opportunity for rich application customization.

Monitoring Points Worldwide
Events and Thresholds Monitored
Hours of Streams Monitored in the Cloud
IP, Software, COTS/Cloud


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Yes! The TAG platform can run on cloud instances. Learn more here:

The two main challenges of cloud live production implementations for work-from-home applications are getting the uncompressed sources to the cloud and delivering the Mosaic Output to the home.

The TAG platform JPEG-XS which can be used to deliver high-quality production content to the cloud where bandwidth limitations apply and can also provide the mosaic output as Zixi and/or HLS streams to be delivered to the home over the public Internet.

The TAG platform has an elaborated JSON API which can be used by custom user panels configured to control the system functionalities.