The Road to OTT

Shortcut to Understanding OTT

While we might wish we could just push a television stream into the internet and have it work flawlessly, it’s not so simple… Paul will get into what's wrong with the internet from a media point of view and exactly what you need to know about OTT. watch for a shortcut to understanding OTT that will help you right now!

OTT, Technically Speaking

What pieces do you need to take today’s television and movie production and “turn it into” OTT? watch Paul Briscoe, TAG's Chief Architect to find out about the architecture of OTT, including the various elements needed, and how everything connects together.

OTT in Action

Watch to discover a whole lot more about the OTT business model, the real difference between VOD and live, and where we’re all headed. Paul has some real life examples and market data you will benefit from and you’ll take away OTT information you can use immediately.