The playout application has many of the same challenges of live production. The main differences are the need to support more different compressed and uncompressed formats and the need to do probing of the various signals to detect signal faults. Below is an illustration of the workflow of a typical playout
facility. A playout facility typically includes a combination of compressed and uncompressed signals which need to be monitored by operators managing the channels. In the facility illustrated bellow the playout area integrates a combination of pre-recorded material and live content originating on remote feeds or from the control room of local studios. The uncompressed is represented by the blue arrows. Once encoded for delivery we enter the compressed world represented here by the green arrows and OTT ABR/HLS/Dash feeds represented by purple arrows. The TAG probing, monitoring and multiviewing solution is represented above with typical high-density display layouts and integration with 3rd party network management systems (NMS).


TAG Playout Solution
Below is an illustration of the functionality provided by the TAG solution for probing, and multviewing within the playout
application. TAG’s ability to work with both uncompressed and compressed formats provides the greatest flexibility in handling the most complex workflows. In addition, TAG’s solution offers both the probing and multiviewing function within the same solution which provides simplified workflows for the operators.
Finally, TAG’s robust and open API structure allows deep integration with third party network management systems and broadcast control systems to be easily configured and provide you with the critical information you need to operate and manage the facility.  All within a 100% software, 100% COTS solutions. TAG Leveraging the Full Potential of IP Workflows For years broadcasters have recognized the value of moving to an IP workflow. Until recently, this promise has not been fully leveraged due to the massive bandwidth, speed and quality requirements of the primary broadcast applications. Both the live production and playout applications push these requirements to the limit. And within these applications, the technical demands on the multiviewer with the large number of inputs, outputs, speed quality and agility, have required dedicated hardware to process the application.

TAG Video Systems has conquered this limitation and offers 100% software running on 100% standard off the shelf hardware solutions for probing, monitoring and multiviewing, for all broadcast applications (live production, playout, satellite/ cable/IPTV and OTT delivery) integrated into one solution.
This now provides broadcasters with far more simplified workflows, with the highest level of scalability and flexibility in the market at the highest quality. 

The use of COTS server hardware frees broadcasters from having to buy and support custom, application specific hardware or vendor supplied computer appliances. We believe strongly that in the near future, broadcasters will be able to deploy 100% software on COTS hardware for all functions across the broadcast ecosystem and finally leverage the full potential of IP.