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Technology Partners


As broadcasters increasingly adopt IP technology in their live production workflows, they are looking to have the freedom to choose the best-of-breed products most suited to their requirements. At the same time, they want to reduce the complexity of integrating products together in their environment and of supporting them in production.
Recognizing this, Nevion and TAG have decided to formalize and extend a relationship they have established over the course of multiple projects for major broadcasters across the world.

Skyline DataMiner

The combination of TAG V.S. probing, monitoring, and multiviewing software and Skyline’s DataMiner AI-powered network management, orchestration, and OSS platform can give you a more complete view of your system and how to keep it running smoothly as your business and services evolve. This solution will improve quality of experience, optimize your OPEX & CAPEX and enable agile & efficient operations . By providing an open API, TAG’S integration with the Skyline DataMiner allows you to automate service line-up, keep probes and multiviewers always in sync with service and achieve better service uptime.


The TAG & Zixi native integration enables you to operate cloud based applications with a simplified system design. Zixi protects the signals coming into the cloud and between cloud server instances and allows the TAG MCM-9000 to monitor it directly. This solution greatly reduces costs: no additional servers needed, reduced cloud footprint, faster system setup and configuration. TAG is now monitoring the direct Zixi or RIST stream, allowing the system to measure the underlying impairments that would have been concealed with these protocols and help you proactively address transport issues before they rise to a level that affects your content.


The relationship will help customers cut a clear and simplified path toward an IP-based workflow in the cloud. When coupled with TAG’s Zer0 Friction flexible, on demand OPEX operating model it removes barriers to deploy broadcast applications in the cloud. As an AWS Select Technology Partner, TAG also allows access to an AWS Sandbox testing environment that streamlines Proof of Concept (POC) processes. AWS Sandbox allows customers to establish a monitoring workflow comprised of different and interchangeable elements on a trial basis to see how well they play together. 

Google Cloud

TAG has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program as a Build Partner. The Google Cloud Partner Advantage program is designed to help partners deliver customer excellence while driving growth by providing access to resources, tools, and support from Google Cloud. As a Google Cloud Build Partner, TAG customers will have the opportunity to run the company’s full Realtime Media Performance Platform fully on Google Cloud increasing agility, remote capabilities, asset utilization and the potential to reduce operational costs.

Dolby Laboratories

OTT broadcasters now have the ability to monitor Dolby Atmos® encoded audio thanks to an industry first by TAG Video Systems. TAG has announced that its Monitoring and Multiviewer platform now supports Dolby Atmos. The unique enhancement allows broadcasters to verify, validate and ensure error-free video and audio content delivery for MPEG-TS and OTT sources. TAG’s MCM-9000 is now certified by Dolby to support Dolby Atmos, while also supporting Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus™ formats.