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Realtime Media Performance

Simplify your media operation with TAG's comprehensive quality management platform, and ensure flawless media experiences at scale

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Deliver exceptional quality

Simplify your IP workflow, adapt to the pace of change and align your operation to your business objectives with
TAG's platform- complete with everything you need to deliver incredible

Data & Insight

Achieve more with your workflow

How media companies just like yours deliver incredible experiences with a simpler, more agile IP media operation

Quality, control & visibility at every juncture

Streamline across every media workflow, or all of them combined- TAG's realtime media platform supports all major media workflows and formats with one comprehensive tool box

Live production
Delivery & OTT

We are

Extra Features

Every License unlocks all TAG platform functionalities


Share Zero Friction Licenses between locations and teams


Align costs to your consumption by choosing opex, capex or hybrid models

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