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Media workflow confidence

Comprehensive workflow probing & monitoring for flawless media experiences

Assurance on every level

Overcome IP complexity with comprehensive media control

End to end incredible quality for all media operations

The complete set of functionalities to deliver media excellence, all in one platform


Deeply monitor all media formats & standards across all workflows: TAG monitors and visualizes all major compressed & uncompressed stream types in real time with the same platform, and guarantees full clearity even for the most complex workflows

IP Monitoring thresholds

Proactively identify and address potential problems with comprehensive detection of over 500 event types across all stream layers and major media formats. Customize alert thresholds to receive timely, actionable notifications that help you minimize downtime and ensure a seamless viewer experience.

monitoring alarms notifications

Never miss a beat with TAG’s proactive and insightful alarms. Get notified based on your thresholds and preferred alarming method: Multiviewer overlay, email, SNMP, syslog or centralized error display


Visualize your workflow end-to-end with the most advanced, comprehensive and flexible multiviewing capabilities available today, built on top of powerful monitoring


Customize, create and manage: The TAG platform is fully accessible by an advanced and documented JSON API to control all fuctionalities and configuration of the system.

cots hybrid cloud monitoring

 TAG empowers you to stay ahead of the curve by running natively with your workflow, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or across both. Need to adapt? TAG Seamlessly moves with you

Optimize large scale operations with TAG MCS for unified control, configuration and API access across all systems, and a comprehensive view of your aggregated data

Exceeding expectations

Discover the tools to help take your monitoring to the next level

monitoring ip recording

Automate stream recording based on custom thresholds for optimal analysis and compliance. Capture pre- and post-event recoridngs along with all critical metadata (manifest, IP address, etc.)

Leverage TAG’s adaptive monitoring modes – Full, Light, and X-Light – to intelligently optimize resource consumption without sacrificing performance. Continuously analyzes your content in every monitoirng mode, and automatically switch to full visualization only when an error occures. 

Automate your monitoring and gain valuable insight by leveraging TAG’s Content Matching Technology: Detect & match identical content across resolutions and frame rates to measure latency, A/V alignment and much more between any two or more points in the workflow

Kibana dashboard

Collect TAG valuable data across your media workflow and visualize it using best-in-breed IT tools like Kibana, Grafana and Kafka. Gain full control of your workflow and make data-informed decisions for your operation

TAG Bridge optimized monitroing

Conserve valuable resources with TAG Bridge. Its single-ingest, secure sharing model means you only need to process a source once, significantly reducing bandwidth and computing costs. TAG Bridge empowers seamless collaboration across your teams, ensuring everyone has access to the data they need.

We are

Every License unlocks all TAG platform functionalities

Share Zero Friction Licenses between locations and teams

Align costs to your consumption by choosing opex, capex or hybrid models

Monitoring specifications

Formats & Protocols

ST-2110 :  2110-10/20/21/22(JXS)/30/31/4

ST-2022-6 :  SDI over IP

ST-2022-7 :  Redundancy for Uncompressed (2022-6,2022-2,2110-10/20/22/30/31/40) & RTP

MPEG-2 Video :  up to MP@5.1

H.264 Video :  up to Hi@4.1

HEVC Video :  up to MP@5.1

JPEG2000 TR-01 :  up to 200mbps

NDI :  HB, HX3

CDI :  2110 and JXS

JPEG XS :  up to UHD 2gbps



Color Space :  YUV420, YUV422, YUV422-10bit

Multicast & Unicast :  TS over UDP

TS over RTP, TS over HRTP



SMPTE-2022-6/7 :  RTP over UDP

ST-2110 :  RTP over UDP

Zixi :  client mode at the Input & Output (

SRT :  Listener and Caller modes, passphrase

WebRTC :  Janus-based implimentations, Receive and Transmit

Other Layer Analysis

Audio codec :   MPEG2 / AAC / HE-AAC / A-52 / AES67

Dolby :  Dolby-D, Dolby-Plus, Dolby Atmos

Audio channel mode :  1 / 1+1 / 2 / 5.1 / 8 / 16 / 7.1

Loudness monitoring :   EBU-R-128/ITU-1770-3/ATSC A/85

Silence detection :  Mono, stereo, dual mono, surround

Clipping detection :  User adjustable threshold

Video codec :  MPEG2 / H.264 / HEVC / UNCOMPRESSED


Video encoding :  Level and profile

Video resolution :  From SD (480) to UHD (2160)

Scan mode :  Interlaced, Progressive

Video aspect ratio :  4:3 / 16:9

Video frame rate :   25 / 29.97 / 30 / 50 / 59.94 / 60

Video content :   Black / Freeze / Black with logo

Video quality :  Blocking detection, SSIM

SCTE-35/104 :  Stored as XML & Binary

DVB & ID3 subtitles :  Overlay display
CC errors :  Separate rules
Closed Caption :  CEA-708, CEA-608, OP-47, WebVTT, STPP
Multi language support :  Support for up to 16 PIDst

Scrambling verification

Crypto period measurement

ECM/EMM existence tests

ECM Private data change notification

DVB Simulcrypt AES

ECB descrambling

HLS AES descrambling

DVB Transport Layer Analysis

TS sync loss

Sync byte error

PAT error

Continuity count error

PMT error

PID error

Transport error

CRC error

PCR repetition error

PCR discontinuity

PCR accuracy error

PTS error

CAT error

NIT actual/other error

SDT actual/other error

EIT actual/other error



Notifications & Channel Statistics

SNMP :  Configurable SNMP TRAPS

SYS LOG :   Configurable sys-log notifications

SMTP :  Email notifications

Overlay :  Overlay error display on the mosaic

Centralized Error Display : Group error channels to a single display

Service structure tree-view (per PID)

Display of each PID’s bitrate

Display of service bitrate

Display of service properties

Graphical display of audio loudness and


Foxtel: Monitoring the Leap to IP

Beyond transitioning to all-IP, Foxtel needed to monitor multiple workflows and formats across multiple sites at high scale. They required a monitoring and visualization system capable of simultaneously handling all types of IP signals including any combination of uncompressed and compressed HD and UHD, NDI, and OTT streams including encryption.

What’s new


Can I try the platform before I purchase?

Absolutely! Did you know all our existing clients tried the system before choosing TAG? Apply for your free 90 day trial here

Is it possible to implement custom user panels?

Thanks to the TAG platform elaborate JSON API, any custom implementation is possible. You can manage any aspect of TAG via API. You can easily set up cutom user panels configured to control all system functionalities. Learn more about API.

Can TAG be managed by: NMS, BCA, Network controller and any other orchestration systems?

Yes! The TAG open, flexible and rich APIs allow integrations with virtually any system. Learn about all integrations and partnerships here.

Can I mix compressed and uncompressed streams on the same multiviewer?

Absolutely- You can view all monitored streams in the same layout, including a mix of compressed and uncompressed. Learn about all supported formats & standards here

What formats does TAG support?

Learn about all the formats and standards TAG supports here