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Real-time complete workflow visibility

Ultra low latency multiviewer for every media workflow, combined with comprehensive monitoring & alarming

Simplify creation & control

Break down operational silos with end-to-end control and visualization with TAG's ultra-low latency, high quality multiviewer


Visualize all major media formats across all workflows with high percision and low latency, including compressed & uncompressed, all on the same display

Experience ultra-low latency SMPTE 2110/2022-6 in 100% software


Create custom mosaics and custom tiles to align perfectly with your production & operation needs


Save real estate and eyes on glass – use an advanced, customizable central error (penalty box) & round robin displays 

resillience redundancy

Fail proof solution with ST 2022-7 redundant inputs/outputs from two separate network cards, ensuring your visibility is always on

monitoring alarms notifications

Monitor all layers of your media workflow in realtime and manage your operation with confidence

Optimize large scale operations with TAG MCS for unified control, configuration and API access across all systems, and a comprehensive view of your aggregated data

cots hybrid cloud monitoring

 TAG empowers you to stay ahead of the curve by running natively with your workflow, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or across both. Need to adapt? TAG Seamlessly moves with you

Exceeding expectations

Discover the tools to help take your visualization to the next level

realtime decryption for ip monitoring

Visualize & monitor encrypted content with built-in integrations for all major Key Management Systems

monitoring ip recording

Automate stream recording based on custom thresholds for optimal analysis and compliance. Capture pre- and post-event recoridngs along with all critical metadata (manifest, IP address, etc.)

TAG Bridge optimized monitroing

Conserve valuable resources with TAG Bridge. Its single-ingest, secure sharing model means you only need to process a source once, significantly reducing bandwidth and computing costs. TAG Bridge empowers seamless collaboration across your teams, ensuring everyone has access to the data they need.


Customize, create and manage: The TAG platform is fully accessible by an advanced and documented JSON API to control all fuctionalities and configuration of the system.

Integrations IP multiviewer

SImplify your creation process with built in integrations for Plura timers, Evertz Dreamcatcher replay, TSL Tally & UMDs and more

We are

Every License unlocks all TAG platform functionalities

Share Zero Friction Licenses between locations and teams

Align costs to your consumption by choosing opex, capex or hybrid models

Multiviewer specifications

Uncompressed : ST 2110-21 & ST 2022-6 selectable

Redundancy :  ST 2022-7 redundant outputs from two separate Network Cards

Compressed :  Standard H.264/H.265 SPTS MPEG-TS

Zixi :  MPEG-TS output in  Zixi Transport Protocol

SRT :  MPEG-TS over SRT (Caller or Listener modes)

OTT :  HLS parallel output of each generated Mosaic




Resolutions :  HD or UHD in 25/50/30/60 fps

Audio output : flexible setup or control by TAG’s API

Mosaic outputs # : Software defined multiple outputs

Tile source : flexible mixing of different source types on the same Mosaic Layout

User defined layouts : 1-100 channels per layout

Layout editor : via Web-based Graphiucal User Interface (GUI)

Tile editor : Create your own tile to be used in one of multiple Mosaic layouts

Layout Displays : Static View, Round-Robin and Penalty Box (CED) display types

Audio Meters : Up to 32 audio streams of loudness display per service

Graphics elements : JPEG or Video file placement

Events/Errors : user defined errors display in different colors per severity on each tile

Tally : Via TSL protocol or TAG’s elaborated API

UMD’s : UMD’s configured internally or via TAG’s elaborated API

Clocks : multiple face type selectable clocks

External clock and score display integration

DVB subtitles : multiple language Overlay display

ID3 subtitles : Overlay display

Closed Caption Output : SMPTE-2038

Multi language support : Display up to 32 CC/Subs in a single tile

Texas A&M: Live Production in 100% Software and IP

Learn from Zack Bacon, chief broadcast engineer, at Texas A&M, and lead broadcast engineer, Jonny Kerr, about how they’re implementing the SMPTE 2110 transition with the help of TAG Realtime Media Platform. Zack and Jonny are on the leading edge of IP technology in delivering video content for ESPN as part of the SEC Network.

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Can I try the platform before I purchase?

Absolutely! Did you know all our existing clients tried the system before choosing TAG? Apply for your free 90 day trial here

Is it possible to implement custom user panels?

Thanks to the TAG platform elaborate JSON API, any custom implementation is possible. You can manage any aspect of TAG via API. You can easily set up cutom user panels configured to control all system functionalities. Learn more about API.

Can TAG be managed by: NMS, BCA, Network controller and any other orchestration systems?

Yes! The TAG open, flexible and rich APIs allow integrations with virtually any system. Learn about all integrations and partnerships here.

Can I mix compressed and uncompressed streams on the same multiviewer?

Absolutely- You can view all monitored streams in the same layout, including a mix of compressed and uncompressed. Learn about all supported formats & standards here

What formats does TAG support?

Learn about all the formats and standards TAG supports here