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While video architecture in the cloud can bring you many benefits, the migration to the cloud can be complex. If
In the fast-paced world of media and entertainment, having access to accurate data is vital for making well-informed decisions. An
The demo showcases advanced features designed to streamline monitoring operations, optimize resource usage, and ensure top-notch quality for channels managed
This demo showcases TAG's advanced capabilities in handling High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) sources within a
Deep troubleshooting capabilities are crucial for effective issue resolution when acquiring a media monitoring system for IP workflows. After receiving
Learn how fully software-based solution running on COTS hardware can help you take best advantage of SMTPE ST 2110 and

OTT Webinar Series

Paul Briscoe, Chief Architect

Shortcut: Understanding OTT

While we might wish we could just push a television stream into the internet and have it work flawlessly, it’s not so simple… In this video- Paul will get into what’s wrong with the internet from a media point of view and exactly what you need to know about OTT. Watch this shortcut to understanding OTT that will help you right now!

OTT, Technically Speaking

What pieces do you need to take today’s television and movie production and “turn it into” OTT? In this video- Paul Briscoe, TAG’s Chief Architect will talk about about the architecture of OTT, including the various elements needed, and how everything connects together.

OTT in Action

Watch the video to discover a whole lot more about the OTT business model, the real difference between VOD and live, and where we’re all headed. Paul had some real life examples and market data you will benefit from and you’ll take away OTT information you can use immediately.

Cloud Webinar Series

Peter Wharton R.I.P, Chief Strategy Officer

Cloud Systems: A True Story

You’ve probably heard a lot about the general benefits of migrating to the cloud. This webinar goes deeper, digging into the details of three key use cases: playout, OTT, and live production and Esports. Peter Wharton, director of corporate strategy at TAG Video Systems., took an in-depth look at each of these three use cases, giving you a clearing understanding of the vital ways in which the cloud can support workflows that are more agile, efficient, economical, and even more creative! The team at TAG V.S. has helped a wide variety of customers to take greater advantage of the cloud, and this webinar just might help you to understand the possibilities for your business.

The Recipe to a Successful Cloud Migration

What’s the secret sauce for a successful move to the cloud? A fresh start and a new perspective. When you join Peter Wharton, director of corporate strategy at TAG V.S., for “The Recipe for a Successful Cloud Migration,” you find that your best bet is to throw out your old assumptions and conventions. Peter explained how to take a fresh look at your business and operations, and how starting where you want to end up can be the most effective place to begin thinking about your workflow in the cloud. In the video- You’ll learn more about tackling everything from the economic aspects of the shift to orchestration of cloud services and optimizing operations once you’re up and running.

The Cloud Migration Challenge

In this video- Peter Wharton, director of corporate strategy at TAG Video Systems, will walk you through the stages of cloud migration. He will explore critical processes such as defining your business needs as a customer, identifying your requirements of your cloud vendor, and ensuring that all elements of your cloud-based workflow are properly orchestrated and running smoothly together. Moving thoughtfully through these stages of cloud migration can save your business both time and money. Peter has worked with various media companies to help them make a successful shift, and he’ll share “lessons learned” in handling the cloud migration challenge with minimal friction.

Is Cloud Technology There Yet?

Wondering if you’re ready for the cloud, or if it’s ready for you? “Is Cloud Technology There Yet?” offers answers to those questions and more. Peter Wharton, director of corporate strategy at TAG Video Systems, examined ways that the cloud can enable your future live production workflow, and how you can ensure high reliability and low latency as you build and maintain that workflow. Peter also shared insights you can apply to leverage all the cloud has to offer. If you’ve got a cloud project on your horizon, it’s a great chance to get some of your questions or concerns addressed by a pro.

Why The Cloud

Looking to build your media system in the cloud? Uncertain about the changing landscape and wondering how to weigh your business decision around cloud? Yes, there are a lot of cloud systems out there that cost way too much to run. But if you connect with people who really understand cloud economics, who are creating transformative solutions that leverage all the cloud has to offer, then you can fully realize all of the benefits of the cloud, including cost savings. In this video Peter Wharton, Director, Corporate Strategy at TAG Video Systems will give you the info that you need. He has worked with customers of all sizes to deploy cloud-based monitoring, distribution, and playout systems. Peter will get into the economics of cloud with a look at OPEX and on-prem considerations.

Customer Stories

Learn how customers are leveraging TAG to optimize their workflow

POST Luxembourg Case Study: The Road to Optimized Quality of Service

A NOC team journey to streamlined quality of service excellence: Explore the success story of POST Luxembourg in streamlining its video delivery services. With a focus on simplifying complex workflows, this customer’s journey highlights how a small team efficiently managed operations and enhanced service quality. Discover their experience leveraging TAG’s intuitive solutions to overcome resource limitations and achieve operational excellence. Learn More

Foxtel: The Leap to IP Infrastructure

Foxtel Group in Australia faced the challenge of monitoring 2000 channels and migrating to an IP platform. With TAG Video Systems, they found a partner that not only streamlined their monitoring but also brought unprecedented efficiency to their operations. Witness firsthand how TAG Realtime Media Performance platform provided hands-off automation, data-rich insights, and exceptional support. Dive into this testimonial to learn more about creating operational efficiencies at scale. Learn More

Fox Sports System: Intel and TAG Case Study

Discover how TAG and Intel helped FOX Sports deliver world-class viewing experience with their IP-based production system.

Texas A&M: Live Production in 100% Software

Learn from Zack Bacon, chief broadcast engineer, at Texas A&M, and lead broadcast engineer, Jonny Kerr, about how they’re implementing the SMPTE 2110 transition with the help of TAG Realtime Media Platform. Learn More

How Texas A&M Successfully Implements IP: The Future of College Sports TV & Live Production

The pace of change in our industry has never been faster and IP workflows are either your everyday reality or just around the corner for your operation.
Join us for “The Future of College Sports TV & Live Production” to learn how Texas A&M University successfully implemented IP for their college sports production environment, and hear all about:
– Why Texas A&M chose IP and what are the benefits
– How they made the transition, and what tools they use for their live production workflow
– How they managed resources when switching to all IP, and reduced long-term costs
– What are the top considerations to make when switching to IP in live production

Fox's new IP-based production system

Take a sneak peek into the groundbreaking innovation by FOX Sports for the World Cup Qatar 2022 – a demonstration of incredible interoperability and partnership. Learn More