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Elevate Video Quality Assurance with TAG’s SSIM-Powered Analysis


Go beyond subjective judgments and ensure optimal video quality with TAG's integration of the Structural Similarity Index Measure (SSIM). This demo showcases how TAG leverages this industry-leading algorithm to provide objective, numerical assessments of video quality in real-time.

SSIM goes beyond simple pixel-by-pixel comparisons. It analyzes the structural information within the video, mimicking how the human visual system perceives image quality. TAG’s implementation of SSIM allows for granular analysis, pinpointing degradations like compression artifacts, noise, and blurring.


By monitoring SSIM scores throughout your workflow, you can proactively identify and address quality issues. This translates to a superior viewing experience for your audience and a stronger reputation for your brand.


TAG’s SSIM analysis complements a comprehensive suite of quality assurance tools, including in-depth probing of video and audio parameters, signal loss detection, and more. By combining objective metrics with real-time monitoring, TAG empowers you to deliver the highest quality video experiences with confidence.