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Unlock End-to-End Visibility and Control in Playout & Delivery Workflows

Discover how TAG enables real-time, granular monitoring across critical stages of playout and delivery operations. This demo showcases TAG's capabilities for streamlining complex workflows, maximizing resource efficiency, and guaranteeing end-to-end quality enabled by TAG’s diverse video format support.

Clean Feed Monitoring

TAG’s robust monitoring begins at the source, with the uncompressed 2110 main and backup feeds. The demo highlights TAG’s cropping feature, which allows side-by-side display of both feeds within a single tile. Discrepancies, synchronization issues, or errors trigger immediate, source-specific alarms for rapid troubleshooting.

PTP Alignment

Accurate synchronization is paramount. TAG monitors the PTP alignment of every decoder/encoder against the master clock, ensuring that all devices within the workflow remain in sync, preventing potential downstream issues.

Post-Processing Monitoring

TAG maintains visibility through key post-processing stages: post-encoder/multiplexer, post-transcoder, and post-packager. This thorough monitoring identifies errors introduced by content manipulation and verifies, in this example, that adaptive bitrate streams are correctly generated and packaged for optimal delivery.

Distribution Endpoint Monitoring

To ensure a flawless viewer experience, the demo includes monitoring of return feeds from various distribution endpoints (in this case: AWS-based playout, cable distribution, and OTT CDN distribution).  This provides direct, real-time feedback on the quality of content as it ultimately reaches the end consumer.

End-to-end absolute latency

TAG’s unique Content Matching™ technology underpins advanced workflow analysis and is used in this demo to automatically verify content validity and measure latency at any point.  Using unique visual and audio fingerprints, TAG Content matching locates and matches content at any stage, regardless of changes in bit rate and resolution. In this demo, we highlight its use for precise absolute latency measurement between the 2110 source and any downstream point, offering invaluable insights into potential delays. However, the technology also enables analysis of  A/V sync and a range of other critical metrics.

Real time workflow insight

TAG’s deep probing and monitoring capabilities generate detailed error logs throughout the workflow. These logs are aggregated and seamlessly integrated with industry-standard data visualization tools like Kibana, Grafana, and Kafka. This centralized view provides crucial insights for large-scale operations, as well as the ability to analyze trends and pinpoint potential workflow optimizations