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Ensure Seamless Content Delivery with TAG’s Content Matching & Latency Monitoring


Achieve unprecedented visibility and control over your entire media workflow with TAG's Content Matching technology. This demo showcases how TAG measures end-to-end latency, audio-video synchronization, and other critical metrics, ensuring flawless content delivery across various formats, resolutions, and bitrates automatically.

TAG’s intelligent fingerprinting establishes a unique audio and video signature at the source (or a user-defined reference point), allowing it to accurately track and compare content at any downstream location. This ensures content integrity and enables precise latency and synchronization measurements, regardless of how the content may have been transformed.

The demo highlights how TAG aggregates content matching data, latency metrics, and A/V sync information from across the workflow.  Integrate seamlessly with popular data visualization tools like Kibana, Grafana, or Kafka to gain valuable insights into potential bottlenecks, delays, or inconsistencies, empowering you to optimize your operations for maximum performance.