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FOX Sports Case Study: Mastering Multi-Format Workflows with TAG


This demo examines how FOX Sports integrates TAG's powerful monitoring and visualization platform into their Emmy-winning remote production system. The video highlights TAG's role in supporting a wide range of formats crucial to FOX Sports' diverse broadcasting operations.

Key workflow elements covered in the demo include:

  • FOX Sports’ use of ST2110 for remote production connecting between stadiums in Doha and their Dubai International Broadcast Center
  • Use of JPEG-XS for transmissions to U.S. facilities in California and Arizona, and later on to the FOX Sports cable network and broadcast affiliates.
  • Employing ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate) technologies for seamless distribution to the FOX digital platform for live streaming.


The demo showcases how TAG’s unified monitoring solution ensures end-to-end quality control for all of these formats. Additionally, it emphasizes TAG’s essential role in facilitating FOX Sports’ IP-based remote production infrastructure. This allows for high-capacity, low-latency transport, and ultimate reliability – essential factors for broadcasting high-profile sporting events.

TAG’s native IP based technology enables FOX Sports to create not only an extremely comprehensive and reliable infrastructure, but also an efficient, portable one to enable high quality production world wide.

Speaking at the Sports Video Group’s Remote Production Forum, Kevin Callahan, VP, Field Operations and Engineering at FOX Sports, said “The key is the monitoring, being able to see everything coming in and going out and being able to QC it – that’s really the goal of the IBC as the central hub. It connects to the studio location; it connects to all the venues; it connects to our Los Angeles broadcast facility as well as our Tempe broadcast facility.”