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Guide: Optimizing Playout in IP-Based Workflows


We’ve worked with quite a few customers who are ready to shift to software running on generic IT-based solutions. But we found that many of them just weren’t sure how best to implement and optimize these solutions to support live playout operations. If you’re in the same situation, you might like our newest report: “Optimizing Playout in IP-Based Workflows.”

All four primary video applications — live production, playout, distribution, and OTT — can benefit from software-based IP multiviewing, monitoring, and probing running on COTS software. Looking specifically at IP-based playout operations, the report covers topics including:

· Essential format support and how it brings flexibility to playout operations

· Strategies for establishing effective probing for signals passing through playout

· Critical requirements for ensuring interoperability and simplifying management

· Keys to reducing the complexity of playout

· Scaling infrastructure to match evolving processing requirements

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