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Optimize Live Production Workflows with TAG’s Comprehensive Monitoring & Multiviewer


Explore TAG's advanced capabilities for streamlining live production environments. This demo showcases real-time multiviewing, control, and monitoring tools designed to enhance efficiency and decision-making for live production teams.

TSL Tally Integration

Full and rich Tally display, providing operators with clear visual cues and control over live feeds. The demo highlights how this information improves accuracy and responsiveness in real-time production scenarios.


Format Support and Visualization

TAG supports a wide array of compressed and uncompressed formats, allowing for versatile monitoring on a single display. The demo showcases how various formats can be visualized simultaneously, enabling efficient multi-format workflows (Used in this demo: 2110, NDI, JPEG-XS)

Time Zones, Clocks, and Timers

Precise timing is crucial in live production. TAG’s multiple time zones, clocks, and timers, including integrations with external timers like Plura, provide operators with the necessary tools for seamless coordination. The demo also demonstrates how TAG’s UMDs (User-Defined Metadata) can be used to display valuable production information for customized insights.


API-Based Heatmap for Camera Status

Monitor the status of multiple feeds at any point in the workflow with TAG’s API-based heatmap. This visual tool displays channel health and performance, using color-coded indicators for quick status checks. The demo highlights how this feature enhances overall monitoring efficiency.


Tile & Layout Customization:

The demo layout itself is created using TAG’s rich layout and tile builder, showcasing the platform’s extensive customization options. This allows production teams to tailor their displays to their specific needs, maximizing operational efficiency.