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Power Cloud & Hybrid Workflows with TAG’s Cloud-Native Monitoring


TAG's cloud-native design enables robust monitoring and visualization across cloud and hybrid environments. This demo showcases the seamless operation of on-premise systems, multiple cloud regions, and a cloud-based central control point. TAG's robust support for cloud deployments, empowers you to manage resources dynamically, spin instances up/down as needed, and seize new opportunities with cloud agility.

See TAG in action across a geographically dispersed hybrid workflow. The demo highlights real-time monitoring and visualization of feeds shared between on-premise and cloud locations using JPEG-XS and SRT. Additionally, TAG supports all cloud (NDI, AWS CDI, WebRTC, Zixi, HLS, and more) for seamless cloud integration.

TAG’s multi-cloud compatibility (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and Oracle Cloud) gives you exceptional flexibility in designing your workflows. Choose the cloud providers that best suit your specific needs and operational goals.