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TAG & Amagi: Optimized Cloud Playout and Delivery Monitoring


This demo demonstrated how TAG's integration with Amagi's cloud platform adds exceptional probing, monitoring, and visualization capabilities to Amagi users. The demo showcases advanced features designed to streamline monitoring operations, optimize resource usage, and ensure top-notch quality for channels managed within Amagi's solution or any TAG empowered operation.

First you’ll notice TAG’s API driven heatmap in action – monitoring 63 channels simultaneously on a single screen. This customizable display uses color-coded alerts, based on user-defined error thresholds, to provide instant visual status updates. Channels experiencing errors are automatically routed to TAG’s Penalty Box (Central Error Display/CED) for immediate attention and quick problem resolution.

penalty box tag
Penalty box configuration

TAG’s Penalty Box (Central Error Display/CED) is a game-changer for efficient, at-scale monitoring. Instead of constantly watching numerous individual streams, the Penalty Box automatically isolates and displays only the channels experiencing issues. This streamlined view allows operators to quickly identify and address problems, minimizing downtime and ensuring a consistently high-quality viewer experience.

The demo also highlights TAG’s Smart Recording feature. Whenever an error is detected, crucial footage from before, during, and after the event is captured and saved to an external FTP, along with valuable metadata. These recordings provide essential insights for analysis, troubleshooting, and improving workflows.

Finally, the demo explores data analytics possibilities. Error logs are aggregated within TAG and seamlessly integrated with advanced open-source visualization tools like Kibana, Grafana, and Kafka. This empowers users to view data in real-time, spot trends, and make informed decisions about their operations, enhancing efficiency across large-scale workflows.