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TAG'S open architecture is accessible with state of the art APIs for easy integration into NMS, EMS & BCS systems

The Open Architecture

The TAG platform is fully accessible by an advanced and fully elaborated JSON API to control all features and configuration of the system

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Fully Accessible

API Provides access to 100% of the platform

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Fully Compatible

TAG Applications use the same API as 3rd parties

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Fully Documented

API is well documented and available without license to any 3rd party

Monitoring Points Worldwide
Events and Thresholds Monitored
Hours of Streams Monitored in the Cloud
IP, Software, COTS/Cloud

The Possibilities

With full control via API, the sky is the limit. From deep integrations with management systems all the way to customized user panels and unique personalized way to control the platform- you name it.

TAG Integration with Skyline DataMiner

The combination of TAG's probing, monitoring, and multiviewing software and Skyline’s DataMiner AI-powered network management, orchestration, and OSS platform can give you a more complete view of your system and how to keep it running smoothly as your business and services evolve. This solution will improve quality of experience, optimize your OPEX & CAPEX and enable agile & efficient operations . By providing an open API, TAG’S integration with the Skyline DataMiner allows you to automate service line-up, keep probes and multiviewers always in sync with service and achieve better service uptime.


Absolutely! Did you know all our existing clients tried the system before choosing TAG? (Okay, all but one). Apply for your free 90 day trial:

Yes! The TAG platform can run on cloud instances. Learn more here:

We do!

The two main challenges of cloud live production implementations for work-from-home applications are getting the uncompressed sources to the cloud and delivering the Mosaic Output to the home.

The TAG platform JPEG-XS which can be used to deliver high-quality production content to the cloud where bandwidth limitations apply and can also provide the mosaic output as Zixi and/or HLS streams to be delivered to the home over the public Internet.

The TAG platform has an elaborated JSON API which can be used by custom user panels configured to control the system functionalities.

Learn about all the formats and standards TAG supports here

Yes! The TAG open, flexible and rich APIs allow integrations with virtually any system

Absolutely- You can view all monitored streams in the same layout.