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The OTT Challenge

The OTT Challenge

multiviewer layers

Scale of system

Up to thousands of signals and nodes in many monitoring points

application formats

Breadth of signal formats

Formats, protocols and encryption methods

monitoring ip video

Realtime analysis

Realtime, 24/7 deep content analysis that you can trust

puzzle piece video

Complex infrastructure

Complex distributed infrastructure integrated with third-party providers

OTT delivery of multi-channel TV to end customers is gaining popularity and is being deployed by traditional MSOs in very significant numbers. Satellite, Cable and Telco operators are using OTT delivery to supplement and even replace their traditional delivery methods.

The relatively easy implementation and deployment (using existing CDN solutions), coupled with the ability to provide full feature bi-directional services, are fueling the rapid growth of the OTT market segment, which requires support for the most common delivery formats of HLS and MPEG-DASH. They also each have unique characteristics which call for monitoring, detecting and alarming, in addition to the standard MPEG-TS monitoring used in the content creation workflow.

The TAG Solution for OTT

The TAG Solution for OTT

all ip video

All OTT Content


layout monitor

Display Variety

Static View, Round-Robin and Paneity Box (CED) display types

unlock multiviewer

Easy Decryption

Content Decryption implemented within the solution

monitoring ip video

Recording & Analysis

Automatic/ manual source recording triggered by any set threshold

best ott monitoring

Full Cloud Compatibility

Runs on AWS & Azure Cloud instances

responsive monitoring

Real Estate Savings

1-100 tiles per layout on one monitor on HD & UHD displays

merge broadcasting

Adaptive Monitoring for Resource Savings

Full monitoring mode- Content fully decrypted for full visualization

Light & X-light Monitoring modes- the system will monitor the content fully and alarms will be displayed for all sources without fully visualizing the source. This mode will save up to 70% in CPU resources needed, while still monitoring fully.

Learn how to use in OTT:

ip video cost

Mix Capex and Opex

Maximize flexibility and match costs to complexity and consumption

hard disk drive monitor

No installation required

Linux Kernel OS, application software, and licenses reside on a single dongle running on COTS hardware

density ott monitoring

High Input/Output Density

High number of inputs and outputs for maximum resource usage

operational agility

Dynamic License Sharing

Infinite operational agility by sharing licenses between devices, locations and applications

asset utilization

Maximum Asset Utilization

Software solution utilizing the most current COTS hardware and cloud platforms

Monitoring Points Worldwide
Events and Thresholds Monitored
Hours of Streams Monitored in the Cloud
IP, Software, COTS/Cloud

The TAG Functionality in OTT

The TAG Functionality in OTT

The TAG platform supports all formats of OTT including HLS and MPEG-DASH, providing a complete monitoring and multiviewing solution. It combines the traditional MPEG-TS support with the unique monitoring requirements of OTT (including the ability to decrypt and decode the content in the secure zone), and the full feature set of the platform to provide a comprehensive OTT monitoring and multiviewing solution. Unique features like TAG’s adaptive monitoring enable true monitoring at scale across the entire OTT platform.

OTT QoS Monitoring
with Zer0 Compromise

To maintain high quality of experience for their customers, operators need a way to monitor hundreds—sometimes thousands—of channels without compromising real-time error detection. In most cases, the immense scale of their service offerings makes continual visual monitoring of all streams impossible. Fortunately, as operational workflows across the media industry have evolved to look more like true IP or IT workflows, it has become evident that the presence of errors across the delivery chain can be determined with sophisticated software solutions that minimize the need for human intervention.


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