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Transport & Delivery

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The Transport & Delivery Challenge

The Transport & Delivery Challenge

multiviewer layers

Scale of system

Up to thousands of signals and nodes in many monitoring points

application formats

Breadth of signal formats

Formats, protocols and encryption methods

monitoring ip video

Realtime analysis

Realtime, 24/7 deep content analysis that you can trust

puzzle piece video

Complex infrastructure

Complex distributed infrastructure receiving and delivering content from/to third-party providers

Content Transport and Delivery based on widespread and common digital distribution standards like the DVB and ATSC, has been around for more than two decades playing a key role in enabling and fueling the digital multi-channel pay-TV industry, as well as content contribution within the broadcast ecosystem.

Satellite, Cable, and Terrestrial pay-TV operators are using digital delivery methods to reach hundreds of millions of subscribers across the world, providing thousands of linear playout and live channels: news, sports, nature, comedy, drama, and many more. In parallel to the growing OTT Delivery market segment, traditional delivery is still the backbone and primary method for the delivery of linear content to pay-TV subscribers.

The TAG Solution for Transport & Delivery

The TAG Solution for Transport & Delivery

application formats

More Formats than any other System

Flexible mixing of different source types on the same Mosaic Layout

layout monitor

Display Variety

Static View, Round-Robin and Paneity Box (CED) display types

unlock multiviewer

DVB Simulcrypt

Monitoring and Viewing of DVB encrypted content

monitoring ip video

Recording & Analysis

Source recording error events, triggered by any of the event detection rules

best ott monitoring

Full Cloud Compatibility

Can run on AWS & Azure Cloud instances

magnifying glass broadcast

Comprehensive Monitoring

transport level monitoring based on DVB ETR-101-290 and ATSC compliance, Video/Audio baseband content level monitoring, and template-based monitoring for detection of configuration changes in the monitored stream.

compressed live production


Support for JPEG-XS Inputs for cloud enabling and large scale monitoring

data flow symbol


Full support and zixi integration for secure transport over public internet

hard disk drive monitor

No installation required

Linux Kernel OS, application software, and licenses reside on a single dongle running on COTS hardware

density ott monitoring

High Input/Output Density

High number of inputs within a single COTS server for maximum resource usage

operational agility

Dynamic License Sharing

Infinite operational agility by sharing licenses between devices, locations and applications

asset utilization

Maximum Asset Utilization

Software solution utilizing the most current COTS hardware and cloud platforms

Monitoring Points Worldwide
Events and Thresholds Monitored
Hours of Streams Monitored in the Cloud
IP, Software, COTS/Cloud

The TAG Functionality in Transport & Delivery

The TAG Functionality in Transport & Delivery

The TAG platform with its comprehensive support and deep probing capabilities of DVB, ATSC, Satellite and IP network transport streams provide a complete monitoring and multiviewing solution for Transport and Delivery applications. It combines a full feature set of MPEG-TS analysis – including the DVB tables, ETR-101-290 specifications, metadata, subtitles & closed captions, content decryption, and video/audio baseband monitoring, all with probing, alarming and multiviewing.

The Liberation
of Brodcast Technology

This Essential Guide discusses the development of COTS systems and more importantly, the applications of flexible licensing. Although this concept has been available in mainstream IT for many years, the recent improvements in COTS hardware speeds leading to higher data throughput and faster processing has led to its adoption in broadcast television.Dynamic systems are the future of infrastructure design and optimizing for peak demand has never been so important. No longer do we have to build constrained systems that are costly and not used to their optimum efficiency. Instead, we are free to greatly improve performance, scalability and flexibility


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