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Ensure Seamless Content Delivery with TAG’s Content Matching & Latency Monitoring

Achieve unprecedented visibility and control over your entire media workflow with TAG’s Content Matching technology. This demo showcases how TAG measures end-to-end latency, audio-video synchronization, and other critical metrics, ensuring flawless content delivery across various formats, resolutions, and bitrates automatically.

Elevate Video Quality Assurance with TAG’s SSIM-Powered Analysis

Go beyond subjective judgments and ensure optimal video quality with TAG’s integration of the Structural Similarity Index Measure (SSIM). This demo showcases how TAG leverages this industry-leading algorithm to provide objective, numerical assessments of video quality in real-time.

Optimize Compliance and Revenue with TAG’s Advanced Probing & Monitoring

This demo showcases TAG’s award-winning capabilities for two critical aspects of broadcast workflows: caption/subtitle monitoring and SCTE trigger monitoring. Discover how TAG ensures quality and maximizes monetization with intelligent language detection, real-time validity checks, and accurate SCTE analysis.

End-to-End Visibility and Control in Playout & Delivery Workflows

Discover how TAG enables real-time, granular monitoring across critical stages of playout and delivery operations. This demo showcases TAG’s capabilities for streamlining complex workflows, maximizing resource efficiency, and guaranteeing end-to-end quality enabled by TAG’s diverse video format support.

Power Cloud & Hybrid Workflows with TAG’s Cloud-Native Monitoring


This demo showcases the seamless operation of on-premise systems, multiple cloud regions, and a cloud-based central control point. TAG’s robust support for cloud deployments, empowers you to manage resources dynamically, spin instances up/down as needed, and seize new opportunities with cloud agility.

FOX Sports Case Study: Mastering Multi-Format Workflows with TAG

This demo examines how FOX Sports integrates TAG’s powerful monitoring and visualization platform into their Emmy-winning remote production system. The video highlights TAG’s role in supporting a wide range of formats crucial to FOX Sports’ diverse broadcasting operations.