Probe, monitor and visualize all formats across the entire broadcast ecosystem, realtime.


All Features, All Applications, One Platform

All Features, All Applications, One Platform

monitoring ip video

Probe & Monitor

Deep analysis for all formats from Live Production to OTT, all in one platform on one pane of glass

responsive monitoring

Full Visualization

Display your premium channels, or set thresholds to automatically visualize only when an error occurs

low latency

Realtime Notifications

Get notified about an error when it occurs, based on deep analysis of the living stream

Unlimited storage of applications

Ground and Cloud

Monitor your content in the cloud and break the silos of your workflow- the future is here

Overview of Functionality, All Included

Overview of Functionality, All Included

TAG’s platform will monitor and visualize all formats, cloud and ground, realtime.
The platform provides deep, comprehensive analysis of more formats than any other system, and assures the quality of experience you provide to your users.

multiviewer inputs
Monitoring Points Worldwide
Events and Thresholds Monitored
Hours of Streams Monitored in the Cloud
IP, Software, COTS/Cloud

Get to Know the Platform

Get to Know the Platform


One of the most popular questions we get. Of course, the answer will depend on your application. But good news- we have created a special tool to help you get an estimate. Check it out:

Absolutely! Did you know all our existing clients tried the system before choosing TAG? (Okay, all but one). Apply for your free 90 day trial:

Yes! The TAG platform can run on cloud instances. Learn more here:

The two main challenges of cloud live production implementations for work-from-home applications are getting the uncompressed sources to the cloud and delivering the Mosaic Output to the home.

The TAG platform JPEG-XS which can be used to deliver high-quality production content to the cloud where bandwidth limitations apply and can also provide the mosaic output as Zixi and/or HLS streams to be delivered to the home over the public Internet.

The TAG platform has an elaborated JSON API which can be used by custom user panels configured to control the system functionalities.