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Maximizing Resources: Keys to POST Luxembourg’s Success in Evolving Media Landscape

POST Luxembourg stands out as a case study in maximizing resources to manage growth and provide exceptional quality with a limited technical talent pool. POST Luxembourg is the number one television operator in the Grand Duchy, serving 43% of the total TV market. In addition to its residential TV audience, POST Luxembourg offers streaming services to select hotels, retirement homes and even the country’s correctional facilities. POST Luxembourg is also the nation’s primary IPTV provider.

Full Demo Overview

TAG Full demo explained

Dive deeper into TAG’s advanced monitoring capabilities as we walk you through each solution/ workflow demonstration in detail. Gain a deeper understanding of TAG’s unique solutions for simplifying your workflows, mainatining agility and maximizing resources. Whether you’re interested in multi-format quality managagemnt, hybrid workflows, or SCTE monitoring, this review has you covered.

Ensure Seamless Content Delivery with TAG’s Content Matching & Latency Monitoring

Achieve unprecedented visibility and control over your entire media workflow with TAG’s Content Matching technology. This demo showcases how TAG measures end-to-end latency, audio-video synchronization, and other critical metrics, ensuring flawless content delivery across various formats, resolutions, and bitrates automatically.

Optimize Compliance and Revenue with TAG’s Advanced Probing & Monitoring

This demo showcases TAG’s award-winning capabilities for two critical aspects of broadcast workflows: caption/subtitle monitoring and SCTE trigger monitoring. Discover how TAG ensures quality and maximizes monetization with intelligent language detection, real-time validity checks, and accurate SCTE analysis.

TAG & Skyline Dataminer Integration Walk-through

Together, the TAG & Skyline technologies offer unprecedented visibility at breadth and depth only you can define. Read more on how the integration expand your view of your system and how to keep OTT services running smoothly.

POST Luxembourg Case Study: The Road to Optimized Quality of Service

post lu case study

Explore the success story of POST Luxembourg in streamlining its video delivery services. With a focus on simplifying complex workflows, this customer’s journey highlights how a small team efficiently managed operations and enhanced service quality. Discover their experience leveraging TAG’s intuitive solutions to overcome resource limitations and achieve operational excellence.

TAG Enriches Replay Creation with DreamCatcher Integration

TAG dreamcatcher PR

Integration with DreamCatcher enables users to take advantage of all of TAG’s monitoring, probing and visualization capabilities, but also allows text to be added on top of the video on the TAG multiviewer for an extremely cost-effective, feature-rich replay solution.

Unlocking Insights with Advanced Reporting and Analytics

data blog 4 tag

In the fast-paced world of media and entertainment, having access to accurate data is vital for making well-informed decisions. An advanced monitoring system goes beyond real-time alerts by offering comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, providing you access to every data point. From raw and descriptive metadata about the content to details specifically related to alerts on Quality of Service (QoS) issues, this system has you covered.