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Maintaining Quality at Scale in Shifting Landscapes: How Zero Friction® Helps Outpace Industry Change

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Explore how TAG’s Zero Friction® approach ensures quality and agility in a rapidly evolving media landscape, simplifying workflows at any scale


In an era where change is the only constant in the media and entertainment landscape, standing still is equivalent to stepping back. Broadcasters and media companies don’t have the luxury of ‘wait and see’; they’ll be left in the dust. They must be agile and prepared for every geographical, technical, financial, or operational transformation their viewers, or the industry, can throw at them.

As the media industry evolves, the challenge lies in consistently delivering high-quality content. Solutions today need flexibility built-in to purchase and operation models, enabling workflows to elevate & adapt content delivery systems efficiently. These software-based tools are key in adapting to industry shifts while ensuring your outputs remain reliable and viewers get an unbeatable quality of experience.


Simplifying Complexity in IP Workflows

The transition to IP-based workflows represents a significant leap forward but comes with a complexity that can be daunting. How can business models help reduce this complexity that is rooted in the technology itself? Media companies need comprehensive tools that span across their operations and can handle different requirements whether it is handling a wide variety of media formats and integrations or tackling different methods and objectives. Solutions today need to offer fluidity and allow media companies to achieve more with a single product, while maintaining agility and the ability to adapt. TAG’s Zero Friction approach makes all features and functionalities of the TAG realtime media platform available through a single, flexible license that provides the ability to monitor, visualize, record, process and perform deep analytics in real-time across various platforms and formats without the constraints of specific hardware, location or purpose. Everything required to deliver incredible quality without compromise is embodied within each license of this single platform. This approach breaks through traditional boundaries allowing for licenses to be moved or shared, along with a more fluid and adaptable workflow, and reflects TAG’s commitment to simplifying complexities inherent in IP workflows.

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Adapting to Rapid Industry Changes

In a domain driven by relentless innovation, 100% software hardware-agnostic solutions are required. Software provides an agile and scalable framework that enables media operations to keep pace with quick and constant change. Operationally, teams are always equipped with the latest tools and capabilities to effortlessly maintain quality based on the operation’s needs at any point in time. Beyond regular upgrades enabled by software, better infrastructures are introduced as media companies choose software solutions that can easily switch to better hardware, newer cloud instances, or flawless hybrid environments based on the evolving needs of the business. TAG’s Zero Friction approach enables users to enjoy new software developments and functionalities with no additional charges and seamlessly transition from on-prem to cloud and hybrid environments, all within the same platform, interface and license.


Business Enablement: Focusing on Core Business Goals


Aligning the media workflow to the business objectives is a challenging task, as technical and resource constraints create a path full of compromises. Vendors need to provide not only frictionless, comprehensive solutions- but also smart ones that enable media operations to achieve more within their limitations. Being a resource-heavy industry, enabling lighter, optimized and more sustainable media workflows is no longer optional. TAG’s Zero Friction business model allows operations to match cost to their actual consumption and achieve 100% efficiency. Being able to use the platform’s variety of functionalities within the same license, share licenses between teams and locations and purchase in Capex or Opex, enables significant resource savings without compromising quality at any scale. Additionally, being able to optimize workflows based on TAG collected data & insight allows media operations to make informed decisions about current and future changes.



Adopting Zero Friction® is about leading the way in a changing media landscape. This approach isn’t just about choosing a licensing option; it’s about ensuring that you can consistently deliver quality content and stay ahead of the pace of evolving content delivery workflows. It’s about giving you the tools to scale your operations efficiently and adapt to new challenges. With Zero Friction®, you’re ready for what’s happening now and what comes next, driving your progress toward tangible results and sustained success.

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