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TAG’s Realtime Media Platform Receives AWS Foundational Technical Review Badge

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The FTR is a rigorous assessment conducted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that evaluates solutions against AWS security, reliability, and operational best practices, outlined within the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The FTR badge provides customers with confidence that TAG’s platform adheres to AWS best practices and is well-positioned to support even the most demanding cloud media use cases.

Full Demo Overview

TAG Full demo explained

Dive deeper into TAG’s advanced monitoring capabilities as we walk you through each solution/ workflow demonstration in detail. Gain a deeper understanding of TAG’s unique solutions for simplifying your workflows, mainatining agility and maximizing resources. Whether you’re interested in multi-format quality managagemnt, hybrid workflows, or SCTE monitoring, this review has you covered.

Power Cloud & Hybrid Workflows with TAG’s Cloud-Native Monitoring


This demo showcases the seamless operation of on-premise systems, multiple cloud regions, and a cloud-based central control point. TAG’s robust support for cloud deployments, empowers you to manage resources dynamically, spin instances up/down as needed, and seize new opportunities with cloud agility.

Guide: 7 Tips for Building the Cloud Video Architecture

While video architecture in the cloud can bring you many benefits, the migration to the cloud can be complex. If you’re looking for ways to minimize risk and ensure you get the most out of cloud-hosted infrastructure, check out our guide.

Navigating cloud solutions and IP workflows in the evolving European media landscape

TAG Cloud Monitoring

The European broadcast and media industries face unique challenges in adopting cloud-based solutions due to strict regulations, data privacy concerns, and catering to a multilingual audience. Despite slower migration as compared to the United States, Europeans are experiencing a heightened awareness of the significant benefits in scalability and agility offered by the cloud.
Read the blog post to find out more.

Unlocking cloud-based quality of experience (QoE) management with TAG and AWS

AWS blog

In this blog post, we discuss how the TAG Realtime Media Performance platform helps broadcasters maintain operational and engineering familiarity with traditional master control room (MCR) workflows by leveraging native AWS services to facilitate TAG’s alarm capabilities. We compare the solution to a traditional monitoring workflow and discuss key design considerations.